Hallam Hobbies is situated just 10 minutes from Dandenong, just off Princess Highway at 20 Spring Square, Hallam Victoria. Hallam Hobbies is a family run business, which opened on 12th June 2007, with Fred in charge, Kasey in administration and with Kelly and Lee helping out when needed.

We specialise in Radio Control Aircraft, Helicopter, Cars & Boats. Fred has been flying planes since he was 16 years old, and later on tried his hand at helicopters. So with over 40 years experience in the RC hobby world, he would like to share his knowledge with other modellers. He has built numerous models of various sizes over the years, including kits and scratch built and has mastered the art of finishing models with old fastidious methods.

The Hobby Shop was started due to Fred's passion for model planes and helicopters.

Model Planes

Taking flight is one of the most exciting and pleasurable acitvities in the entire world and many people do it every day without even leaving the ground. ...

RC Cars

Remote control car enthusiasts are the driving force behind one of the hottest sports, with both kids and adults enjoying the exhilaration of racing or just covering the r...



  RC Helicopters are sure to push your coordination, imagination and mechanical skills to the limit.


The radio control (R/C) system is the heart of our hobby.


Quads & Drones

20 Spring Square Hallam
Victoria, 3803

(03) 9703 1160

We are open: 

Monday8 am to 6 pm
Tuesday8 am to 6 pm
Wednesday10 am to 4 pm
Thursday8 am to 6 pm
Friday8 am to 7 pm
Saturday8 am to 3 pm